Funeral Parlor in Yachats, OR

Anyone who has had to face unexpected loss and the decisions that need to be made through a funeral home knows that the process can be overwhelming. Even if you’re able to plan for a loved one’s passing, it can still be stressful. So when planning, you’ll want to get in touch with the warm, compassionate people to help you, like those at our funeral parlor in Yachats, OR.

Funeral Parlor in Yachats, OR

Funeral Services

The process of saying goodbye to family or friends should reflect the wishes of the person who has passed. Funeral services provide everyone grieving with a gentle process to be able to reflect on the life of their loved one. Services can also give mourners peace in knowing they were able to honor their beloved one final time.

Not all funeral home services are the same. Often people select options to:

  • Go through a full service, including the viewing and a chapel or church service.
  • Have a viewing before the cremation, followed by a memorial service.
  • Plan to have a ceremony that includes the burying or scattering of ashes.
  • Go ahead with cremation without any viewings, ceremony, or service.

When you plan your funeral services, ask about the fees associated with each step you’d like to schedule for your beloved. You can even explain to the funeral director or staff any financial restrictions or specific plans you’d like to include with your service.

Most people believe their funeral service fees will include a casket, cremation, and services. Yet there are other fees you should be aware of when planning your funeral service. They can include:

  1. Transportation of the Body
  2. Embalming
  3. Any Other Body Preparations Requested
  4. Casket
  5. Cremation and Decorative (if desired)
  6. Burial Vault/Grave Liner
  7. Time for Visitation/Viewing
  8. The Actual Memorial or Service (typically has a fee if held at the funeral home)
  9. Graveside Service
  10. Marker or Monument for Site or Vault

There are many considerations when making final resting place decisions. Depending on what you’d like to have done, there can be many more steps and fees.

Have an honest discussion with the director or staff at your funeral home about any limitations or concerns. They have a level of compassion that can help in multiple ways as you work through a difficult time.

Cremation Services

Any decision about how you want your loved one interred after passing is a delicate matter. You need to work with a professional who can guide you through your choices and be able to answer any delicate questions.

The best way to know if cremation service is the right decision for your situation is to get as much information as possible. Consider asking your funeral service:

  • What kind of urns are available?
  • Is the cost of an urn included in the cremation price?
  • Do you have your own crematorium, and if not, where is it?
  • How do you ensure our deceased loved one is identifiable throughout the process?
  • Can the body be viewed before cremation? How much would that cost?
  • Do you carry any cremation permits or licenses?
  • When will I receive the remains?
  • Are they aware of cultural or religious traditions that might affect your decision?
  • What are the options for the ashes once the cremation is completed?

Often your director or staff member will be ready to walk you through the decisions that must be made with cremation. Communicate your concerns or questions with your representative to ensure that cremation is the right decision.

Burial Services

The type of service chosen by you or the deceased will often reflect religious or cultural traditions. Your celebratory service can be as simple or complex as you’d like and can usually be accommodated by your funeral home.

Some burial services and their variations include:

  • Traditional services including embalming, viewing, service, and interment.
  • Cremation service, including full viewing, cremation, and service.
  • Cremation and service.
  • Simple cremation without any ceremony.
  • Memorial service without any viewings.

There are many different ways families and friends can honor the deceased. A compassionate, professional service will walk you through your options and help you make the best decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is a graveside service the same as a funeral?

Usually, a graveyard service is considered an extension of a memorial or funeral; the two can occur at a person’s gravesite or mausoleum. However, they do have some differences that set them apart from each other, including:

  • Graveside or mausoleum services are held outdoors, while funeral services are held in a church, chapel, or other indoor gathering places.
  • Funeral services can be longer than graveside services. Depending on traditions, rituals, and doctrine, funeral services can last for an hour to several days. Graveside services are typically shorter, featuring prayers, poems, or songs, and may or may not be religious.
  • Graveside services don’t have any visitation opportunities. If you have a funeral service, you have more options to make viewing or visiting possible.

What should a funeral service include?

Almost all services are considered to be traditional funeral services, even in the case of cremation. The most traditional services will include a wake, a funeral ceremony, a committal (burial) service, and a funeral reception. Any variation on these is still acceptable, especially if it honors your loved one.

What is the service called when someone is cremated?

You can choose from traditional or memorial services when someone is created. Traditional services can include:

  • Public or private viewing before cremation.
  • Cremation.
  • Funeral or service.
  • Final resting for the ashes, whether they are to be buried, put to rest in a mausoleum, or another special location.

Memorial services allow a group of people to attend a service without the body of the deceased present. Sometimes, an urn or other container with the cremated remains will be at the memorial service.

If a family or group of loved ones decide to forgo any viewing or service, they have the option of direct cremation. The body goes through the cremation process, and then they are given to the family or person designated to receive them.

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