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Danielle Holmes July 25, 2023
"You will not find a more compassionate and professional staff. Kourtney is the best at what she does and brought my family peace and acceptance when our passed loved one. I wouldn’t recommend any other funeral home."
Stephanie Colton October 29, 2016
"When dealing with my husbands tragic death the Burns family went above and beyond the call of a funeral home. They showed true concern for myself and my young daughter and were patient and kind during every step of the process. I dealt with Alan mostly but also Karen and their daughter a few times- they were both amazing and kind and just showed empathy for my situation, making me feel they understood and I could be more ease in the process."
L L October 25, 2016
"The review posted by Mrs. Clark is totally false. It is my belief it was written in retaliation because she had to be removed from my husband's viewing at Burns' Chapel by the Florence police. She totally disrespected my deceased husband, me, our family, friends at the viewing, and the Burns' wonderful staff.__The entire Burns staff was completely awesome to deal with during this difficult time. I cannot find a single fault with their service or entire staff.__The cruel and personal attack on the staff by Mrs. Clark is absolutely unwarranted. It was my husband they picked up, and it was in my home. I was treated with respect, kindness, and dignity. The staff was professional and dressed in good taste. To personally attack any of their clothing or appearance reflects the absurd remarks posted falsely by Mrs. Clark.__I have the highest regard for Burns's Riverside Chapel and totally appreciate all of their services. They are the best."